Super Bowl LI 1st Half Quick Read

How are we rating the Tom Brady swan dive to stop the tackle on the interception? If this was gymnastics and he was going against Simone Biles, how good of a chance would that leap give him in terms of winning the Olympic gold?  On a scale of 1 to 10:

  • He had great extension
  • Toes were pointed
  • Traveled a great distance
  • But his missed his target terribly

All things considered, I give Tommy Terrific about a 7.5. The more important question is how soon will someone create a GIF that superimposes the Jordan crying face on Brady, with the caption, “Live look at how my 2017 is going”?

To more football-type things. Tom Brady has been bad, like forgetting to take out the meat from the freezer before your mother gets home bad. A big part of this, is the fact that this Falcons defense is cutting through his offense line, but another part of that is he just has not been that good. Pressure makes diamonds, but it also makes first ballot Hall of Fame quarterbacks skittish and scared. Shoutout to Martellus Bennett for covering up Brady’s mistakes, and being the only physically imposing receiving threat that the Patriots have.

This Falcons offense is fast. Kyle Shannahan in the first half has done a great job of stretching the Patriots defense horizontally to utilize against their slow-footed personnel. Devontae Freeman has taken advantage of that, letting the offensive line slide and attacking the gaps that materialize. Julio Jones? He’s a grown man, and the rocket scientist’s defense has been so focused on him, everyone else is getting one on one coverage, leaving long in the tooth Patrick Chung covering tight ends in space. Which is about as promising of a prospect as betting on Bill Belichick to have anything but a scowl on his face, win, lose, or draw.

If the Patriots plan on pulling this out, the king of halftime adjustments is going to have to pull a magic rabbit out of the hat. However, when facing a young Falcons team that, to use a cliché, “hasn’t been there before,” the prospect of tightening up and playing not to lose, gives New England a punchers chance to pull this out.

Side Bar: I want to thank Lady Gaga for making this halftime show very weird. We needed more weird and strange in our lives, given the way 2017 is going. But then again, if a failed businessman can be President of the United States without any political experience, Lady Gaga and her antics are pretty par for the course for us at this point.

Side Side Bar: the Skittles and Journey84 commercials have been the so far.

Now back to the game.