Featured Standout: The Plue Starfox Interview

IMG_0054We reached out to New Orleans beatsmith/rapper Plue Starfox and this is what he had to say:

Thanks for taking time out to answer some questions. I couldn’t find any info on you besides that you from New Orleans. So, How old are you?

Mann I’m like 900 years old. I invented a teleported so I could come to this time period to share my futuristic sounds I’ve seen it all. Nah I’m 22 just made that in January.

Are you originally from New Orleans? Is that where you are now?

I am originally from Nola but I moved to Dallas about a year ago. I live in Dallas now. I fuck with Dallas hard.

What are some of your influences outside of music? 

Anime Anime Anime. Lol I love anime oh and horror movies they really have a huge impact on my sound.

How did you start making music? How did that come about?

I was bored my sophomore year of high school and I just downloaded Fruity Loops I didn’t know how to use it but through trial and error I’ve managed to craft my own sound. I started out sampling heavy now I can’t even bring myself to touch samples because I can do so much with my originals now.

I see you’ve been releasing a lot of music this year, any plans for it? Or are they loosies?

Those are just loosies for some strange reason I can’t hold music down unless I’m working on a tape. And I am working on a tape it’s called “13” or I might call it 13th Season idk lol But I really don’t like holding music I feel like people have to hear what I’m working on or what I sound like today versus me telling them “OH MAN MY NEW SHIT IS SO ILL WAIT TILL YOU HEAR IT” I’ll drop songs here and there and build hype that way.

Where does the name Plue Starfox come from?

Plue Starfox is hella simple not really Lupe Fiasco is (was) my favorite rapper and I took Lupe and jumbled the letters up Starfox is self explanatory or it isn’t idk lol Starfox is from the video game Star Fox. The first game I ever completed 100% a great achievement as a kid lol.

Aside from music, what other hobbies do you have?

I love to draw and I like filming I want to direct movies some day but that’ll have to wait till after I fuck this music game up (p.s. I play piano too but the one I have right now is old af and out of tune I still like how it sounds though. Lol)

Growing up what is some of the music you would listen to or your parents? What are some of your favorite anime?

Music I would listen to with my parents? Paul Hardcastle, Micheal Jackson, Miles Davis, SADE, Ronnie Laws, Big L, Eric B & Rakim, Maze. A lot of shit lol Uhh I’ll give you my top five anime Cowboy Bebop is # 1 off soundtrack alone Samurai Champloo FLCL Mirai Nikki & Corpse Party (shit is 4 episodes and crazy as all fuck I swear).

Would you attribute your musical talent to anyone in your family? Were they a positive influence?

My favorite genre of music is jazz I love jazz smooth jazz/fusion/old school/acid-jazz I just love jazz and I think that can be put on my father because he would bump a lot of jazz around the house and it always soothes me.

Where does the majority of your work come from (Closet, room, prof. studio)?

At first it was my room Then my dorm room Then my homies crib We got equipment in like 2013 and I was set up over there and it still is set up at his crib I’ve just been recording there making beats there.

What was the first piece of equipment that helped you get started? What are you using now?

I had no equipment I got a Maschine but it broke I guess I was going too hard >_< Right now I don’t own any of my own equipment but my homie says what’s his is mine and I treat as so.

What do you currently have on heavy rotation, music-wise?

I have BBNG in heavy rotation right now their shit is crazy I want to collab with em some day that would be awesome. Also I’ve been bumping all of Flying Lotus Work Well idk about all but all I have is LA all the way to YOURE DEAD I think that’s a good amount.

What artist would you like to work with?

Earl Sweatshirt & Meechy Darko of Flatbush Zombies preferably on a beat produced by me and a verse from myself I think that would eat on so many levels but the politics and shit like that.

What do you have coming this year? Working on any projects or collaborations?

I have a beat tape I’m working on called “END” I’m just sitting on that right now cause idk when imma finish it I think it’s done but when I listen to it sounds incomplete so I guess it’s not finished You ever heard Ski Beatz “24 Karate School”? I’m working a tape similar with the same premise me on the beats and collabs through and through I want big name collabs or at least up & coming people but the politics of the music industry are so fucking stupid it’s hard to even get in contact with an artist on some artist to artist shit.

Anything you would like to say or would like for people to know about you?

I just want to say s/o to The Village and by the end of 2015 more than just 3000+ people will know of me. Mark my words. Follow me on Soundcloud & Twitter