Real J Wallace – Streetwear is Dead (Prod. Jah Drumma)

   As the times change so do we, earlier in the week Real J Wallace Released “Streetwear is Dead”, from when he was a hypebeast.  See if u can spot the 60 streetwear brands hidden in the song. The fun and animated beat is brought to u by fellow San Diego native Jah Drumma.

This is Alife where you Soul what you reap That means you reap what you sew,and they Playing for Keeps And im rollin 10 Deep in fact im Married to the Mobbin And my Beautiful Decay barry me in a Flyin Coffin Cuz they Keep Diggin for my Acapulco Gold Addicts for that Methamphibian that is Sould True & Soul gave False the Back Channel I’ll school yall in The Hundred and my 101 Apperal Quick to Dismantel the next Dissizzit I am Worldwide I am Atlis A catlis Heavyweight on the Black Scale Drop the Flow like a fucking acme anvil Handles drop Diamonds like Mike Rhyming of a Future Relic timin of Shock G I Flip the Script on yall Maharashi I put that on my Foregin Fam Bam Nigga stop me. These Castle and Crooks are full of Poets and Theives that smoke enough Hippy Tree to Shadow Conspiracys do aNYthing to be Caked out in Freshjive get the Milkcrate Rocksmith the show live just to Relish as an LRG and Wesc what Made Me the mic Plain Gravy eatin Greenapple trees we Mighty Healthy Cuz the Mighty Few is the Krew with the Rouge Satus Stealthy so the Cosby Absurd to the Nonsense and Blood is the New Black, at least Amongst Friends We Art of Chase ends and Hellz Bellz ain’t Tens I Fuct and 5 & a Dime with Leroy Jekins Knocked her out of her Creative Recreations Then I put it in her , but that’s too much In4mation Im Fucking amazing wait Awesome And all these families fued like Richard dawons Take a minute look at What The Dunk has he done Spittin these Cali Roots off the tip of his Crooked Tounge Cuz Im the A1 Alphanumerics who Wax Poetics Then Manifest the Knowledge so that it’s never Acrylick And if you feel it then you know why Im Undefeated The Undercrown King Stampede and I bleed it proceed with my 9fives on the 94 puffin on Peligro with a brixton fedora a stone throw away from red clay and ember Where they Schmack Illuminaiti till Tank Theory’s Surrender whether agenda magic & ASR and my Imaginary Foundation is killin the Twelve Bar thers irons that/ll blow out your spleen Even UNIV know the Lovewright is Supreme Without a Reason we Obey Sinful Things So I plan to save the game with my 3 Sixteen