Real J Wallace Honors J Dilla In “Sounds Like Love”

San Diego emcee and Co-founder of ThChrch, Real J. Wallace resurrects and reinterprets James “J Dilla” Yancey’s “Sounds Like Love” from the debut studio album Yancey Boys. The New World Color artist continues to evolve while uplifting and honoring those who have assisted him through his journey. Today we are happy to bring to you his version of  “Sounds Like Love”, to honor and revere the legacy of the great,  J Dilla. 

” I was listening to J Dilla before I even knew who he was. It’s crazy when people influence you without you even knowing. All that Tribe Called Quest, that D’ Angelo, that Erykah Badu. I was listening to cats like 9th wonder growing up not knowing that it was the evolution of Dilla” – Real J. Wallace

Artwork was created by Kyle Fabi of Uncommon Value Clothing.