502 Come Up

Music, the ultimate experience. The listener should feel nothing short of a connection. A connection, that is exactly what I felt during my first musical encounter with singer Bryson Tiller.

My younger sister, Cyd, and I were sitting in our family vehicle, awaiting the hour and a half drive we had ahead of us when she suddenly became overly elated. Cyd began to play a song called “Don’t” by a young artist named Bryson Tiller. I immediately began to dissect the song and this young man who, to me, sound similar to PartyNextDoor at first listen. But then, I dove into the song and allowed myself to just connect with the lyrics and the lyrics with me. He sings, “Don’t play with her don’t be dishonest, still not understanding this logic…I am on a whole ‘nother level, girl he only messed you over ’cause you let ’em.” In due time, the song came to an end. Appalled and emotional, I could not help but listen to more. “Let Em Know” left her phone’s speakers immediately after “Don’t”. Two completely different situations being sung about and I found myself going through them both at that moment in time. Call this the inception of my journey to Bryson Tiller.

To be continued…