Featured Standout: A Blooming wldflwr

unnamed              To mark our first year anniversary, we here at Immagetyoupregnant have deiced to try something a little bit different from our typical format. Part of our mission statement when we began writing together was to help expose some of our favorite up and coming artist to listeners that might not get that opportunity otherwise. Music play a big part in our lives and the underground or lesser known artists are what keeps things fresh.                                                                                                                     So we begin a segment called “Featured Standouts” with the lovely wldflwr. The 22 year old from Brooklyn recently crossed out paths as we were gathering information on AFROCAT (a.k.a. “cldwlkr”) through soundcloud. Her Insecure & Nameless EP started playing and we nearly lost our shit! As soon as the intro hit the soulful enamoring voice of wldflwr demanded our attention. We reached out to the songstress on a whim and she was extremely receptive. Thank you wldflwr for an exciting start to this series with a truly intriguing Q&A. Your repones far surpassed our expectations!

How did you decide on the name “wldflwr”?                                                                            So… I love cartoons and animated films, and my favorite movie of all time is Alice in Wonderland. I also love the books Through the Looking Glass and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. But anyway… There’s a scene in the film where Alice is with the flowers in wonderland, and they ask her what garden she’s from and what species she is, because she doesn’t look like all of them… and thats kind of how I’ve felt my whole life… like people were staring at me, wondering why I’m so different. I guess I just related to her in that scene. And I love flowers. I am the wildflower. Then I took the vowels out on my bell hooks shit.

Growing up, what was some of the music you would listen to or your parents?    Yo honestly, my Dad is the dopest person and he played the coolest shit in the house when my older brother and I were growing up. My parents are immigrants from St. Vincent & the Grenadines (islands in the West Indies) and so my Dad had exposure to so much music from different cultures… literally everything from Jimmy Cliff, Johhny Nash, The Merrymen & Bob Marley to stuff like Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, the Beatles, Whitney, Biggie, MJ, Gloria Estefan, the Beach Boys, etc. And my Mom likes country, haha. I credit them both for my really eclectic music taste. Growing up though I was all about Christina Aguilera, especially during the Stripped era. And a wholeeeeeeeee lot of Dipset.   

Would you attribute your musical talent to anyone in your family?                      There are quite a few musicians in my family.. all on my Dad’s side. My Grandma who I was named after had a beautiful voice. My Dad says she was always singing. My Aunt sings, and my Uncle was a pretty famous Calypso artist, Harmo. He’s the coolest. But yeah, music’s in the family, man.

Do you have any artistic outlets besides music?                                                                     I wrote poetry before I wrote songs, so, writing in general is an outlet for me. I also danced ballet for about 13 years, even though I don’t dance much anymore, dancing is an outlet for me, on my alone time. I’ve recently taken up painting. I’m an awful artist, but there’s something about finger painting with oil paints that is so therapeutic. Try it.

How would you describe your music?                                                                               Honest. Human. When I write it all comes from a place of experience. I believe music is one of the most beautiful and powerful uniting purposes we have on this earth. And having the honor to create music is just beyond me. But more importantly, having the honor to create music that others relate to — that’s the most important thing. So, when I say I describe my music as honest, and human, I mean, my songs are my attempt at connecting with others. How, for just a few short minutes, myself and a stranger can share, maybe, a feeling, or a life experience, and be one. If only for an instant. That’s beautiful to me. Sonically, though… I would label it wave-R&B/space-trap… vibe music. Stoner music. Rainy day music. Whatever. It’s chill, something you can feel. That reminds you, it’s okay to feel. Like laying on a cloud looking down at the world. That’s how I’d describe it.

What inspires/influences your music?                                                                                         Life experiences. All the boys that broke my heart before, and shit. The darkness, the moments I felt inadequate. And we all do sometimes. I’m just unafraid to talk about it, because it’s human. And I’m all about being human. Whatever I feel, that inspires me. Sonically, I have no idea where my sound comes from, or why I sing the way I do, or these melodies. It’s just what I feel, and what I feel, feels right.   

What is your writing process like?                                                                                                  I freestyled all the shit on my EP, insecure & nameless. Mostly I’ll just spark up, let a beat run, keep Photobooth running and freestyle some random shit until something clicks. Sometimes I’ll do the whole song that way. Sometimes I’ll go back, write a little bit, like ‘Run’ — that was an old song, and months later I came up with the chorus. The words just fall out my mouth sometimes. I don’t know where they come from. And sometimes I know exactly where. It can be outer-body. It’s pretty dope.

How much are you involved in the production of your music? or how do u pick the beats you would like to use?                                                                                                    All cred to SluRrty, BLAKK PHARAOH, AboveAverage and cldwlkr for the production on my EP. They’re amazing. I get blessed with a lot of amazing beats in my e-mail so I just have the luxury through shifting through them. I just pick what I vibe with. If I put it on and don’t immediately start writing then I pass on it. I’m instantaneously inspired by sound. It’s all about feeling.

Where does the majority of your work come from (Closet, room, prof. studio)? Everything on my Soundcloud was recorded in my apartment. In the bathroom or in my bedroom. Mixed by me. Real organic out here, hahhaha. The studio is on the To Do list for this year though. What was the first song u ever recorded? Oh god! The first song I ever recorded was an Always on Time cover… you know, the Ashanti and Ja Rule song? Haaahaha. But the first original I recorded was “Hurricane” — I was on a different vibe back then, though. “Smoke the Pain Away” really got me back into music though. Got me taking it more seriously.

I noticed you shared the stage with MARS, are live shows going to be a big factor in your musical presence? How was your first time on stage?                 That’s my homie, forreal. He always inspires me to keep going with this music shit. My first time performing was so nerve-wracking, but everyone was really supportive of me. I couldn’t even hear myself! I know though, I got the hardest part over: getting up there. So I can only get better at it from here. I’d love to perform more. Intimate shit. Vibe with my audience and get to know them. Think it’d be really cool.  

What are some of your musical goals for this year? Are you currently working on any projects or collaborations?                                                                                                  I never share my goals, I just do my best to make them happen. Definitely expect another project. Can’t even tell you the season, but just expect one. It’s called Fearlessly Flawed. And I’ll have some production on it. I’m also working on a collab tape with MARS. So look out for that, too.

What do you currently have on heavy rotation, music-wise?                                          Sean Leon, Tory Lanez, and PND. I’m totally digging this TO vibe. Also, Doja Cat, Mick Jenkins… the Young mother fucking Thugger. I’m obsessed with his music. And my usual Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix rotation.