That New ‘New’

“There ain’t nothing new under the sun”, the phrase that just like myself, I am positive several of my readers have heard on numerous occasions from aunts, mothers, and grandmothers everywhere. The year of two thousand thirteen was a year when the so-commonly used phrase seemed to prevail. Fashion did the ultimate rewind declaring high-waisted jeans, “Bill Cosby” sweaters, and thick gold jewelry trends, once again. IMG_1812¬†The children of my generation took a liking to an unorthodox and unconventional lifestyle, identifying themselves as hippies and within this “new” group, a “new” appreciation of the arts was erected. Girls and women of African descent no longer had to be cautious of their brown skin and the untamed hair that came with it; they had the choice to “keep it that way” and I definitely did just that. Black people, in the year of two thousand thirteen made no qualms about identifying with their history and Black awareness stemmed to an all time high.
2015/01/img_1494.jpgEach of the fascinations and happenings listed above are those that not just humanity as a whole can identify with. With that, let us discuss a universal one. One that causes people of distinguished nationalities to come together. One that brings internal peace during times of chaos and war. One that makes eight hour flights possible. Music.

In the year two thousand seven, website, SoundCloud, was founded in Stockholm, Sweden and the next year, established in Berlin, Germany by two Swedish artists, Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss. This was not just a website, but yet, another social network, and also, not just an ordinary social network, but one that gave different kinds of sound artists the opportunity to share their creations musically. SoundCloud made it possible for citizens to never have to be awkwardly handed mixtapes outside of Wal-Mart or liquor stores by novices again. It made it possible for music artists to gain city, state, and national popularity at greater speeds than any past methods ever could.

Years two thousand thirteen and fourteen appeared to be the years this website took full effect. Attentively listening to the new music being added to the site within those years, it is obvious that this new music era ain’t so new. What SoundCloud is today is reminiscent of a “new” Hip-Hop and R&B. Indulging in SoundCloud artists such as deM atlaS and Indie Thot, noticing the era of influence is inevitable.

You can hear Pharcyde, Nas, Common and several other rappers within their rhyme schemes and voices. Artists such as Kehlani, Bryson Tiller, and Jacquees take their listeners back to a time when R&B was true R&B being similar to Jagged Edge, Usher, Genuine and so many other groups and singers that are the reasons why many of us are here today. These creators are bringing their listeners a sense of home and the ability to reminisce, picture, and remember music’s past for what it was, greatness. Without SoundCloud, it could almost be sure that these immaculate artists would be handing non-believers mixtapes outside of Wal-Mart and liquor stores. Ljung and Wahlforss brought countless possibilities and opportunities to this generation. SoundCloud, you are the new Hip-Hop and R&B and you are us.