King Callis – Brunch (Food For Thought)

King Callis hit us up with a submission that we just couldn’t pass on.  His Brunch (Food For Thought) tape taps in to the late ’90’s sound while delivering a personal flare that immediately grabbed our attention.  Tracks like “Bless To Blind But Awake” and “One Last Time” find Callis slowing his flow over airy jazz pieces.  While the cuts “He Who Hold The Crown” and “Like That” send a direct urgency that proves his ability to perform over multiple formats.

Born in Akron, OH, King Callis began writing music at a very young age.  But, it wasn’t until his teenage years and a move to North Carolina that he began to take it all seriously.  With the help of some of the music scene veterans, Callis has been able to not only breakthrough Charlotte’s underground but, become one of it’s most notable figures.Bz_zP4lCUAAeA3s (1)