Chase Aaron – Power (Video)

The WTFcamp bring us the second visual  off of Chase Aaron’s debut album XXIDirector Richard Rodriguez does an amazing job portraying the life of an artist and the struggles of juggling professional and personal commitments. The standout track POWER,  has you asking yourself “Are you willing to put in them hours homie?”. Make sure you cop XXI via stream/download Soundcloud and or Bandcamp.

If you’ve been rocking with TEAMCHASE, I want to let you know that I couldn’t create anything of this magnitude without you. You are all the backbone of this vision and it’s beautiful to see that so many different personalities…people of different ethnicities and environments can appreciate, relate to and share the work that my friends and I have put out. Just by doing that you have shown that there is still hope for us as a human race. That common interest and love you all share for this vision serves as proof that people can come together for something bigger than themselves and create greatness, progression, positivity and overall LOVE. So I want to ask you to take that love and enthusiasm you have for the TEAMCHASE vision and apply it to people. And as you watch this video tonight, know that I do this to inspire and show appreciation for those I have already inspired. Thank you for all you’ve done and I’m excited for all WE will continue to do. – Chase Aaron