IHateYouSheed – 10 Freaky Girls

JLIf78MEWhile I was taking a small hiatus from writing I came across 19 year old IHateYouSheed coming out of the Philadelphia area. Having a wide variety of interest from anime, fashion, and directing IHYSheed always makes music his priority. He describes himself as “the meeting point of arrogant and humble”. As hee enjoys rapping about drugs, threesomes, and how wild his HBC (Highest Basement Collective) is, he also likes his share of mixing and crafty wordplay. Currently working on his debut album, IHYSheed gets together with HBC crew mates Moses and Tawobi and releases “10 Freaky Girls” to hold us off until the first offical single entitled #PartyPat.

Twitter: @IHateYouSheed