Melo the man on the move?

Carmelo Anthony is set to featur for the New York Knicks when they face the Detroit Piston in London

Today Carmelo Anthony agent Leon Rose confirms that Melo has decided to opt out the last year of his contract with the New York Knicks. Anthony also recently sat down with Vice Sports speaking on what goes into decision making during this summer of free agency.

30 year old Anthony was due to make $23.33 million in the last season of contract with Knicks. He would’ve spent his 5th year in his home state of New York. Recently getting 5 time NBA champion Derek Fisher making his coaching debut. Let’s not forget Phil Jackson is now working upstairs making most of the decision. Why not make the money and stick around for a year to see what they have to offer. Maybe because Kevin Love and Lebron both may be on the move. Maybe he wants to actually play with a point guard like Rose or Rondo. With the draft coming up this week maybe we can see a quick sign and trade between the Knicks and another team.

 This year could have been the last straw for Melo. Coming off a 50+ win the season before to only winning 37 isn’t going to cut it. This season was Anthony’s first time not making the playoffs in his 11 year career. To watch fellow draftees Bosh, James, and wade go to their fourth championship as a team must be sicking. Now this is where the decision comes in does Melo opt out for more money and resign or go else where to form possibly his own big 3.

The Houston Rockets


With James Harden and Dwight Howard both going to NBA championships on different teams maybe Carmelo is the only missing link. Recently coming up short losing in a crazy first round playoff match against the Trailblazers. Maybe just maybe Melo is the missing link. A team that will light it up all game from behind the 3 point line and a Superman down low things could be bright for Houston in a tough western conference. Still with out a dominate point guard it will still be tough to succeed.

The Chicago Bulls


The Chicago Bulls recently stated that everyone but Derek Rose is on the trading block. They plan to make a serious run this summer planning to take the east over with the return of their star player. The Bulls can also form their own big 3 in Noah, Rose, and Anthony arguably the best players at all of their potions. Chicago might be able to return to the glory days of the Bulls.

The Los Angles Lakers


With Kobe, Nash, and Sacre the only players with contracts right now the Lakers have more than enough money to make the run for Melo. With Kobe recently coming off an injury missing nearly a whole season of basketball and a lottery pick maybe they could go for a 3 to 4 year run. With doubts of Swaggy and Pau returning and no coach the Lakers will have to work hard to make this one happen.

The New York Knicks


With a lot of changes happening in the office no telling what Phil Jackson has in mind for Carmelo. Getting a coach that could run his triangle offense which is perfect for Melo. Who do you keep and who do you get rid of.Of course you would want to keep one of your big bodies down low in Chandler or Amare and get more role players but is that enough star power for Melo in this NBA full of stacked teams. Either way Melo has a lot to think about this off-season deciding where he will spend the rest of his career.