World Cup Group C Preview

Colombia-Team-World-Cup-2014Colombia: Los Cafeteros (the coffee growers) return to the big stage once again since 1998 making it their fifth world cup appearance. Colombia seek to play with smarts and patience waiting to slip the ball into their forward Carlos Bacca who plays with solidarity and strength or to the scoring machine Jackson Martinez who will most likely go in as substitute will have to provide good performances in order to win the spot. James Rodriguez Colombia’s wonder-kid will sure provide the brilliance to feed the ball to where it needs to go to provide damage to opponents.
Colombia: Los Cafeteros (the coffee growers) return to the big stage, after not making the last couple of World Cups. Last being in 1998, this makes it their 5th appearance. Colombia seeks to play with through their forward Carlos Bacca, with patience and smart ball movement they should be able to give to him or scoring machine Jackson Martinez (who will probably come in as a substitute). James Rodriguez Colombia’s wonder-kid will sure provide a brilliant ball movement and get it to key spots on the field.
Greece's football squadGreece: The Pirate Ship “The Piratiko” are set to make their third word cup appearance. The defensive team is will be looking to use their multiple attackers which they switch their momentum in crucial times in the game. The furthest Greece has been able is to get is round 1, as some success for them will be to get out of that round and see how far the ship can sail.
Ivory Coast World Cup teamIvory Coast: “Les Elephants” will enter this tournament aggressively and purse to stomp on their opponents in the group stage. This world cup marks their 3rd appearance in the big tourney, failing to get past round 1 in both previous world cups Les Elephants believe strongly this is the one where they get past the first stage. Key players Didier Drogba, Yaya Toure, Didier Zokora will provide the strength up top while Gervinho and Salomon Kalou will provide the quick pace and finishes.
Japan-line-upJapan: The Blue Samurai’s passion can see them going past the group stage in a group C where teams seem to be leveled and where many believe any country can go on to the knockout stages of the tournament. Japan will play opponents with quick pace and use its skillful technicalities to go forth the victories. Japan has reached the round of 16 twice, almost getting to quarterfinals just losing out in penalty kicks Japan’s willpower will be focused on getting past the second hurdle. Japan’s offense looks secure while their backline may lead to their downfall as that seems to be their weakness, they will need their defense to play secure and clear themselves out of trouble.