World Cup Group B Preview

Australia-National-Football-TeamAustralia: Also known as the “Socceroos” are not going to have a easy road in this years World Cup. It would be suprising or anything short of a miracle is they are able to advance to the next round. Being the underdog of the group Australia is looking to have tough competition with the Netherlands and Chile. The bigges accomplishment they have ever achieved was making it to the secound round, passing the group stage but only to get knocked out in the round of 16. To lead their offense down the stretch will be New York Red Bulls striker Tim Cahill.

Netherlands-Team-World-Cup-2014Netherlands:The Flying Dutchman, are looking to just that, fly out and bombard opposing goal keepers with plenty strikes at goal. A team made up of great offense will use every muscle to get past that second place in the tournament. Three-time runner’s up the Oranje have eyes set on getting rid of that exasperating second place. Getting out from this group stage will be tough as their first match up will be against the defending champions Spain. Chile a tough opponent in good form will give Netherlands a tough match while, a victory from Australia is likely the “Socceroos” look to make that an uneasy feat for the Netherlands.

Chile football teamChile: Also called “The Roja” have high expectations in advancing from the group stage in Brazil. Not being such a tough group to become leaders in, Chile will mainly be fighting for that spot against Netherlands. The hosted the even back in 1962 in which they have had theyre best performance yet by coming in 3rd. Believeing they can make it that far again if not futher, is not a farfetched expectation. Chile has a very good offensive players such as F. C. Barcelona’s winger Alexis Sanchez and milfielder Arturo Vidal. Chile will use their midfielders to create 2 on 1 opportunities with the opposing midfielders to be able to deliver the ball up top to strikers.hi-res-184713912-the-spanish-team-lines-up-before-the-group-i-fifa-2014_crop_650x440Spain: The defending champions of the world “La Furia Roja” (the red furry), are going in stronger than ever coming in as champions of both the last previous World Cup and becoming champions of the European Championship. Spain the first to win back to back world titles since Brazil in 1962. First time European champions in 2008 two years later World Champions and in 2012 successfully defended the 2008 European Championship will look to do the same with the World Cup. The team to beat and take out the tournament definitely looks tough but age is not on their side. Brazilian born striker gives a sense of rejuvenation to the forward position but will have a great amount of pressure on his shoulder as he will play against people, Brazil. Surely Spain will go out to do well and defend the championship with their intelligent, possession style of play.