Tim Cross Gives Voice To His New Mic (EP)

It’s official! Tim Cross has put down the old Rock Band mic that seemed to suit his earlier tracks so well and has picked up a New Mic. After treating us to a taste with his “Beaver Po’Boy” with a “Southern Man” flavor, Cross delivers the EP in its entirety. Loaded with features and peppered with multiple production credits, the project gives a better ideas as to his range and versatility.

Cross expresses his preference to stay “Out Of Frame” and avoid the grind of a 9 to 5. He’d rather continue rapping as he does over the beat that’s often credited to Mos Def’s “Auditorium”. However, original credits fall on the great Madlib and his Beat Konducta in India album, (“Get It Right” and “Movie Finale“).

“ZZZ” feels much like a joyful stroll in the park with its soothing vocal loop and muffled horns. Even Melrose’ contribution is far less weighted than his recent Kazuya release. Produced primarily by Mf Love, the main body of the track is followed by two dramatic changes. The last of which meanders with a beat box sounding production by Cross himself.

On his final track, Tim reveals how easy the hip hop game comes to him while working “seven hours just to get five minutes”. With “little effort” he’s able to indulge the listener with a refreshing take while sticking to the innovation that hip hop is regaled for. Melrose transcends his efforts with a decelerated sample from Sampha’s, “Subconscious”.

Thankfully, Tim Cross has chosen to continue his pursuance of a rap career and avoid the dismal corporate lifestyle. His new mic can only help inspire the creative and fun outlet that his talent thrives in. Recently partnered to One Day Though Collective along with other Kreweof77 members, this is hopefully a new beginning as he moves on to better and bigger things.