One-i “Kodak”


As high school seniors have begun the hectic agenda of closing out their final year, most would consider their calendar to be overwhelmingly full. Soon to be an alumni of Houston area’s Cypress Lakes H.S., One-i has added quite a bit more to his plate. Slated to be released in the very near future, The Presentation – Spring Sessions is a six track EP that can, more than likely, be added to his pre-graduation resume.

Displaced by Hurricane Katrina and forced to re-establish in Texas, One-i preferred to keep his talents under wraps. However, with increased focus and determination to hone his craft, he has chosen to “put it out for the people who will enjoy it”. On this release from his coming project, “Kodak” enlists production from fellow New Orleanian, Melrose, who is also still experiencing the wrath of the devastating hurricane

A relative new comer to the scene as a solo artist under the OneDayThough label, there seems no indication that One-I is anything close to being just a freshman on the collegiate level. His seasoned delivery and dominant voice commands attention as he hovers over the familiar sounds of Melrose. Through a wide scope lense, One-i expresses his daily frustrations with life while “thinking how to make a million in a day” in a manner so “cold” that it shutters with the eye of a true professional.