Tim Cross X Burger Q&A


While getting together our previous article on the release of Tim Cross and Burger’s Hospital Gift Shop EP, we quickly realized that there was little, to no, information available about the two or Kreweof77 as a whole.  It was apparent that there’s a dire need to get even the most basic information out there about these emerging, talented artists.  We took a stab in the dark and reached out to Cross and Burger in hopes of gathering any facts possible.  Of course, we were stoked when the immediate reply came through that they were down to do an online Q&A.  The two exceeded our expectations and offered in depth responses.  We’re so impressed that we felt that there was no reason to edit and chop the interview and chose to offer it as received, in its entirety:

So both of you are from New Orleans right? How old are you?

Yeah we both are from New Orleans Tim is from Uptown and I am from Downtown. Im 18 and Tim is 19 -Burger

How did you two and the rest of the Krewe get together ?

We were actually all friends first. We just all have a love for movies and music so those are the two fields we kind of revolve around. -Tim Cross

How long you been doing music?

I first starting writing music in 9th grade I was like 14 and by 15 I was recording music with my cousin in my bedroom. – Burger
I used to battle rap (which I completely suck at) little white kids in middle school and I kinda would write lyrics down but never really thought about the possibilities of recording and being a rapper until I started recording with Kris (KedX). -Tim Cross

Aside from music what are other hobbies do you have? Video games? Do you guys do any art?

Yeah I love playing video games and shit I can’t really pick a favorite but right now its GTA V. Growing up i was really into drawing and i was pretty good at it but i stopped in the 8th grade for some reason. I think its because i started watching movies religiously around that time. Some other hobbies of mine is photography, skating and definitely smoking cigs haa -Burger
I love watching movies and my two all time favorites are Inglorious Basterds and Drive. I also play video games like I brush my teeth and before I had a job would stay digging through the used bin like every other console owner. -Tim Cross

Growing up, what was some of the music you would listen to or your parents? What were some of your favorite cartoons?

I grew up on early trap music. In my neighborhood all I heard was Soulja Slim, Master-P, and The Hot Boys. The first rap album I ever had was an A-Track of “The Block Is Hot” by Lil Wayne. Then after that  my mom bought me “Get Rich Or Die Trying” by 50 Cent and I loved it to death. Then i found out about Kanye West when I was like 8 or 9 and he changed my whole view on hip hop. My favorite Cartoons as a kid was was basically Nickelodeon and cartoon network shows like Rocket Power, As Told By Ginger, Dextar’s Laboratory, A Pup Named Scooby Doo etc. -Burger
  Well I was definitely forced to listen to Gospel like rape in a park but I enjoyed it though. My mom always had it on the Gospel Station 24/7 and my brother, when I rode with him, let me listen to Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor and The Cool. I’ll never forget the conversation I had with him when in 8th grade he said, “So you’re old enough now and you’ve heard cursing before so I’m going to play some different music.” That was the first time I really listened to Lil Wayne. My favorite cartoons were Batman the animated series and Bugs Bunny on Looney Toons. -Tim Cross

Would you attribute your musical talent to anyone in your family ? Were they a positive influence?

Nah not really idk where this talent came from I guess you’re just born to do stuff. -Burger
My dad definitely. My dad has literally done anything that he wanted to do whether it was from painting on a canvas to creating a poem book He will do it. That shows me that I can make good music if I put my mind to it. Its in my genes. -Tim Cross

What inspired you to make music?

Just growing up loving music inspired me to make it. I really enjoy writing whatever’s going on in my head at the moment. It just feels like i was kinda meant to do it i love it so much. -Burger
Rap itself inspired me to make music. I just had/have so much fun freestyling with my friends that I felt like maybe I could take it to the next level. -Tim Cross

How would you describe your music?

I would descried my music as a lot of shit talking mixed with some inside jokes from high school and actual shit that happened in my life but hidden in my lyrics. -Burger
I would describe my music as very dark but at the same time fun and maybe something you can laugh at while enjoying. -Tim Cross

Where does the majority of your work come from (Closet, room, prof. studio)?

I record the majority of my music in my bedroom and some over at Tim’s crib in his living room. -Burger
The majority of my work comes from my living room desktop and my rock band mic. -Tim Cross

How much are you involved in the production of your music?

Half and Half i mean my friends are also my producers so they know what kind of beat I would like and they send it to me and it usually fits. I do some of my own mixing and mastering but most of it is done by our homie Melrose who’s also a producer/rapper. -Burger
I record everything myself and I mix it as best as I can then I send it off to Melrose where he mixes it a trillion times better. Melrose makes alot of the beats I rap on, but I also work a lot with Bald Portman and Qreamy Beats. -Tim Cross

Take us through your typical writing process…

I whip out my iPhone and try to black out everything that’s going on around me. I never really rap it out loud until im done with it. Idk why but im really picky when it comes to writing I sometimes delete whole verses because i know i was just writing it to sound cool. haha – Burger
I turn the television either down or off. I pull out my phone, play the beat, come up with the first line, pause the beat, and repeat that first line maybe like a hundred times to make sure I like it. I do this throughout my whole verse after every line. It also helps me to remember my lyrics. -Tim Cross

Do you do live shows often? If you could open up for any artist who would it be?

No live shows yet. But if i could open up for any artist is would probably be for Asher Roth. He’s the greatest. -Burger
No we don’t do live show often that’s what we’re really trying to get going now. I’ve had a few open mics but nothing to serious. I would really like to open up for Childish Gambino. I’m a pretty big fan since “I Am Just A Rapper 2” and “Culdesac.” -Tim Cross

What inspired the name Hospital Gift Shop? Is there an over all theme?

Hospital Gift Shop is probably one of the best jokes that me and Burger has ever concocted. Burger,Space (Edward Smith) and I were skating and Space was kinda new to skating but long story short he broke his leg. We ended up riding to the hospital with him and while walking around I notice there was a gift shop in the lobby. I was like “Why the fuck is there a gift shop in Oshner Hospital?” What would you purchase shirts that said my mom died in New Orleans, Louisiana? From there the jokes got out of hand. So the title “Hospital Gift Shop” really represents our dark comedy that not only comes out in our personality, but also shows through our music. -Tim Cross

Violet” is our favorite track off the tape, Do you have a favorite?

Personally my favorite track is “Alright” because of that Melrose feature. -Burger
My favorite track is Edward Smith because the “Do it” part at the end of the song was just way too fun to record. -Tim Cross

Thanks to Tim Cross & Burger for granting Immagetyoupregnant our first interview. You guys killed it!